Ferrum Crescent Ltd

Not for widows and Orphans and plenty of Due Diligence on your part is required!

However, this one has me interested again. Why?

I suppose some new management who look like they know what they are doing always helps!

In addition, a recent TR01 of a holder who has gone from 0.5% to 4.5% makes me step back and ask even  more questions and I find that recent drilling activities are looking like they will bear fruit – this is a change from about a year ago. Selling off assets no longer of interest is also a prudent measure.

One thing thas has clicked with me is the fact that the recent drilling at Toral is looking at historic ‘overlooked‘ Lead Zinc Mineralisation and given the excitement aeound the findings I can see why Ferrum is now full steam ahead to get a JOC 2012 estimate which will include the tonnage found in previous report  ( NI-43 101 compliant) PLUS the new stuff… !

This is interesting https://www.voxmarkets.co.uk/activity/78594/ .. and

Some interesting video’s – worth watching one by one….



As a result I have taken a large position and will continue accumulating.


I expect some up’s and down’s for sure. Maybe it will be a buckaroo share as games always come to shares that show promise IMO. I’m holding on.

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