Ferrum Crescent – Additional Fund Raising via Placing

An interesting development with FCR in that Colin Bird has taken a stake in a private placing.

So who is Colin Bird? See here and here

With regard to Jubilee Platinum – there are interesting comments at 3:15 from the Jubilee CEO  about going into base metals…. https://www.beaufortsecurities.com/jubilee-platinum:-company-update-c-2-p-453

Zinc is mentioned.

The Toral asset is potentially huge in Zinc. I am trying to figure out if there is potential synergy here.

In addition the recent buy-in to a Zinc Project by Jubilee Platinum is coincidental? Or is the Gallileo Resources (another Colin Bird outfit) Zinc exploration in Zambia coincidental? Both are JV’s with BMR Group …

I just don’t think it’s a coincidence 🙂 It’s a strategic move on Zinc assets IMO.

And one last thing, JIM Nominees Ltd who recently declared a 4.55% holding in Ferrum Crescent .. well they also own 4.42% in Jubilee Platinum and 3.95% in Galileo Reources… coincidence no doubt.

Interesting times ahead for Zinc and for Ferrum for sure.

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