U.K – Hurricane Energy

Fractured basement play are not new. However what the guys at Hurricane Energy have achieved in 2016 is remarkable.

This is one that I will keep accumulating as the opportunity is huge. Keep it to yourself and DYOR ;-).

From the Hurricane website – and just think about it for a  minute..

“Hurricane has 100% control of around 450 million barrels of 2C Contingent Resources across, all located within the UK Continental Shelf. Our Competent Person’s Report provides an independent and comprehensive assessment of what Hurricane has discovered on some large geological structures.”


U.K – Angus Energy

Angus Energy interests me. The (wordpress) website is very slick, the presentations are slicker, and the recent IPO’s and media coverage is well choreographed across several outlets.

I do not understand why Angus Energy would divest away from a licensed area (Horse Hill) with a purported multi-billion oil barrel potential for a meagre sum? Seems illogical to me and does not pass my tyre kicking test. However the MD  is claiming focus, and a desire to increase production (low) in existing wells with opex at $14-$20 per barrel.

The usual twitterati crowd are now getting all excited so I am watching but given this is AIM and the pump and dump potential is high I would urge plenty of due diligence.

The annual accounts are the type you get with an exploration company, not a producing company – in other words – money is gushing out the door. Hopefully this can be more than offset with improvements in production and the up and coming well.