Chariot – 3d Investment to date $115.5m

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Assets to raise cash and/ or carried wells from via farm outs:

3D seismic investment to date:

Morocco Rabat Deep: 1,075km² & Mohamedia: 375km² ~US$11 million (2014)
Mauritania C-19: 3,500km² ~US$26 million (2013)
Namibia Central Blocks: 6,100km² ~US$41 million (2012 & 2016)
Namibia Southern Blocks 3,000km² ~US$30 million (2009)
Brazil Barreirinhas Basin: 800km² ~US$7.5 million (2016)
Total 14,850km²: ~US$115.5 million

Cash and/or Carry (3D only) received from farmouts to date:

Morocco Rabat Deep: ENI 40%: so far undisclosed sum of cash & carried well (2016)
Morocco Rabat Deep: Woodside 25% ~US$13 million (2014)
Mauritania C-19: Cairn 35%: ~US$26 million (2013)
Namibia Central Blocks: Azinam 10%: ~US$12.5 million (2011)
Namibia Southern Blocks: PetroBras 50%: ~US$15 million (2009)
Total US$66.5 million

Interest left to generate Cash & Carry from:

Morocco Rabat: 50% (farmed out 40% to ENI, awaiting approvals)
Morocco Mohamedia: 75%
Mauritania C-19: 55%
Namibia Central Blocks: 65%
Namibia Southern Blocks: 85%
Brazil Blocks: 100%

Chariot – Brazil 3d Seismic Complete

31 March 2016

 Chariot Oil & Gas Limited

(“Chariot”, the “Company” or the “Group”)

3D Seismic Programme Completed, Brazil

 Chariot Oil & Gas Limited (AIM: CHAR), the Atlantic margins focused oil and gas exploration company, today announces that it has completed the 3D seismic acquisition survey covering its 100% operated BAR-M-292, BAR-M-293, BAR-M-313 and BAR-M-314 licences in the Barreirinhas basin, offshore Brazil.

 This survey was comprised of approximately 785km² of data and was conducted by Polarcus, targeting a number of leads that had been identified on 2D legacy data. The data will now be processed and then interpreted in-house.


Namibia – Eco Oil and Gas – Seismic Processing Complete

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