Namibia – Pancontinential – Cash Raising

Pancontinental to raise $2.2M cash

Key focus is on their Namibia Acreage with the partner Tullow rumoured to be farming out to Anadarko.

Helios Chariot - Tullow Oil LogoHelios Chariot - Anadarko Logo

Namibia – South Africa – SHELL

Helios Chariot - Shell License Area

Shell have had a recent EIR created and approved for their drill in offshore acreage in South Africa – just below the Namibian border. SHELL also farmed into acreage in Namibia. SHELL Plc also reports that the EIR has been successful and permits two wells in the Northern part of the license. Note – the Northern part of the license abuts Namibia and is just below Chariots and Shells Namibia acreage. I am guessing the reason SHELL took the Namibia acreage is because of what they found in the Northern part of their South Africa acreage 3d.

You might recall that Anadarko who are currently believed to be looking for acreage in Namibia also have acreage just south of the border in South Africa. So we have two multi-national oilers about to have acreage  both in Namibia and South Africa offshore.

Enigma (Chariot) sits above the SHELL acreage and below the Murphy Acreage – a nice sandwich.

Helios Chariot - SHELL EIR South Africa Namibia Border

Namibia – Anadarko Offshore – Farm-in Imminent?

According to the report below, Anadarko is set to take a position in Namibia offshore .. with Tullow Oil.

The Tullow acreage sits a few blocks to the north of Chariots central acreage.

Helios Chariot - Namibia - Tullow v Chariot

Helios Chariot - Tullow - Namibia-blocks-july-2015