Namibia – Murphy Oil – EIA – H1 2017 Drill

Murphy farmed into Namibia several years back and a very recent environmental impact statement has now been released

‘A Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been compiled and made available for a 30-day review and comment period from 19 October to 18 November 2015. Copies of the Draft EIR will be available at the Walvis Bay and Luderitz libraries from 19 October 2015.  The full report is also available for download below.  Comments on the Draft EIR should be forwarded to Simon Charter of SLR Environmental Consulting (Namibia) at the below contact details by no later than 18 November 2015.’

‘Should a decision be taken to proceed with the proposed project, drilling is anticipated to commence during the first half of 2017. Although the expected final depth of the wells would be between approximately 2 800 m and 4 000 m below the seafloor, the EIA considers a maximum depth of approximately 5 000 m below the seafloor. Drilling with its associated testing is expected to take up to approximately two to three months per well to complete. ‘

The report anticipates two drills starting in H1 2017. As you can see – the proposed drilling area is next door to Chariot’s southern acreage. You will also see SHELL’s acreage in Namibia. Across the border and directly abutting SHELLS Namibia acreage SHELL have just been granted a license to drill two oil wells.

Helios Chariot - Namibia - Summary

 Helios Chariot - Murphy EIR Namibia