Ferrum Crescent – In Summary …Assets speak louder than words…

Having recent successes with ANGS and TLOU both of which have now bagged,  a recovery play that has really caught my attention is Ferrum Crescent. This share has been battered in the past and I could hear shareholder towels being thrown in – not a great place to be. However those that have stayed the course might be in for a surprise. Now with a change of management strategy, and on-boarding of an experienced exec director in the form of Myles Campion, and a recent placing in which Colin Board (of Galileo resources, Xtract Resources, Jupiter Platinum etc fame) managed to get 12% of the company I am of the opinion that it has turned the corner. I have worked with several companies over the years on their strategy and it makes sense to me to onboard an experienced shareholder unlikely to get emotional and sell on a whim. Not all shareholders will be happy but for the record – I am :-). The Toral asset is going to be great IMO

As usual I am accumulating large volumes on a very small number of companies  – as I always do – and Ferrum is one of them.

If there is one video to watch I would recommend this one …

Rather than reinvent the wheel I also saw this posted on III by Dickie3times (great name :-))  – and it’s a neat summary

Ferrum Crescent Limited tells Proactive they’ve now completed a program of six holes at the Toral project in Spain – all of them returning visually identified lead-zinc intersections.

Results as good as hoped “Every hole gave us visual confirmation on lead-zinc intersection and it doesn’t really get any better than that,”

“We will use that and the historical drilling results to see what’s going on at Toral.”

Plans to drill a further three holes have been shelved after new geologist Myles Campion [and now Executive Director – i.e board member] assessed that it has enough information already, with the next phase of the exploration possibly to be to assay some of the historic core.

Historical drilling
“There has been a large amount of historical drilling conducted at Toral which returned significant lead-zinc intersections, and we are now enhancing our understanding of the structure and definition of the deposit in a cost-effective manner”.

“While the assays from the latest drill campaign are submitted and returned over the next six weeks, the company has sufficient information in the meantime to progress with designing the next stages of further exploration at Toral and to examine economic comparators for a potential future lead-zinc mining operation”. “A key focus for our geological team is to assess the possibility of defining overlapping planes of lead-zinc mineralisation concentrated within the project area. I look forward to providing further updates on our progress in due course.”

Visble intercepts
House broker Beaufort Securities noted that Toral currently has a combined (indicated and inferred) resource of 8.7Mt (million tonnes) with a weighted average grade of 10.7% (lead and zinc).

Intercepts of visible mineralisation from all six drill holes within 200 metres from surface suggest the group’s hypothesis of known mineralisation at depth linked to shallow mineralised features is correct.

Ferrum Crescent – Additional Fund Raising via Placing

An interesting development with FCR in that Colin Bird has taken a stake in a private placing.

So who is Colin Bird? See here and here

With regard to Jubilee Platinum – there are interesting comments at 3:15 from the Jubilee CEO  about going into base metals…. https://www.beaufortsecurities.com/jubilee-platinum:-company-update-c-2-p-453

Zinc is mentioned.

The Toral asset is potentially huge in Zinc. I am trying to figure out if there is potential synergy here.

In addition the recent buy-in to a Zinc Project by Jubilee Platinum is coincidental? Or is the Gallileo Resources (another Colin Bird outfit) Zinc exploration in Zambia coincidental? Both are JV’s with BMR Group …

I just don’t think it’s a coincidence 🙂 It’s a strategic move on Zinc assets IMO.

And one last thing, JIM Nominees Ltd who recently declared a 4.55% holding in Ferrum Crescent .. well they also own 4.42% in Jubilee Platinum and 3.95% in Galileo Reources… coincidence no doubt.

Interesting times ahead for Zinc and for Ferrum for sure.

Ferrum Crescent Ltd

Not for widows and Orphans and plenty of Due Diligence on your part is required!

However, this one has me interested again. Why?

I suppose some new management who look like they know what they are doing always helps!

In addition, a recent TR01 of a holder who has gone from 0.5% to 4.5% makes me step back and ask even  more questions and I find that recent drilling activities are looking like they will bear fruit – this is a change from about a year ago. Selling off assets no longer of interest is also a prudent measure.

One thing thas has clicked with me is the fact that the recent drilling at Toral is looking at historic ‘overlooked‘ Lead Zinc Mineralisation and given the excitement aeound the findings I can see why Ferrum is now full steam ahead to get a JOC 2012 estimate which will include the tonnage found in previous report  ( NI-43 101 compliant) PLUS the new stuff… !

This is interesting https://www.voxmarkets.co.uk/activity/78594/ .. and

Some interesting video’s – worth watching one by one….



As a result I have taken a large position and will continue accumulating.


I expect some up’s and down’s for sure. Maybe it will be a buckaroo share as games always come to shares that show promise IMO. I’m holding on.